First Annual School Giveback Program - Push N'Grow

First Annual School Giveback Program - Push N'Grow

We had a great event with our first annual School Give Back Program at Monroe Road Elementary on April 14th.  The program is focusing on instilling dedication and commitment to a young child, along with fostering a love of gardening.  

There were over 600 Push N'Grow seed sticks, biodegradable pots and soil donated.  We ensured that every student could participate. Each class came in for a 10 minute education program discussing the benefits of planting seeds, helping the environment and healthy living.

 It was a wonderful day.  Thank you to Alex Chapman (Principal) and Jessica Snyder (Exploratory Teacher).  Here are some news articles covering the event:

Toledo Blade (April 25, 2023)



Bedford Press (April 19, 2023)





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