Plant Tomatoes and Basil Together

Plant Basil & Tomatoes Together

When you use our all natural seed sticks ensure to plant basil beside your tomato’s - Why? Basil is incredibly efficient at fending off pests like tomato hookworm, aphids, and whiteflies. These three factors can all seriously harm a tomato plant's health. Tomatoes are also known to grow more robustly and healthily when basil is present. And maybe best of all, planting tomatoes close together is said to enhance their general flavor profile. So, do tomatoes promote better basil growth? Yes, to answer briefly. Basil thrives under the lush, green leaves of tomato plants, which is ideal for growing conditions. Basil needs moist soil, and the tomato plant's leafy cover helps keep moisture from scorching out in the sweltering summer heat.
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